Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disturbing news

So today I logged in before I left for work. I knew there was an extended DT today, and with at least one skill finishing this evening, I thought it best to switch skills around to avoid any lost training time. This much went fine.

I had also got a private message from a pilot who I believe is one of the FC's among the Caldari Militia. (SGX joined the State Protectorate militia - more news in another blog post). He sent the following:

2009.08.18 02:51
[02:48:07] PILOT NAME > Cool. My corp made up of cowards and elitists that I know IRL, so I don't think they'd man up to snip of sensitive info segment.

Cool corpmate bro.

Now I dont know about what you, the reader, would think about this ... but I take this kind of seriously. I run a small corp and I try to take the very best care of all my pilots, providing them with free stuff for their use and not asking anything of them they arent prepared to give themselves.

How could I possibly ask this pilot to continue to fly with other pilots he considers to be cowards and elitist fools? That would certainly not be in his best interests.

This news is quite unexpected and shocking. What to do?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Separate ways?

I suppose its time for me to blog an eve post again. Actually its long overdue, but nonetheless I now have something to post about.

It seems it may finally be time for me to leave the alliance I joined barely 2 weeks into playing Eve. Its been an eventful few years and certainly a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

I could have done without the lows to be honest.

The situation in the alliance has fallen apart once again and the situation the alliance finds itself in is so far removed from the alliance I helped build at the start of my internet spaceships career that it is in a sense almost unrecognisable.

Starting as a lone industry-enjoying caldari combat pilot Ive watched a predominantly pvp-centric empire-war-making-and-taking alliance grow in numbers, shrink, win wars, get a bloody nose, hand out plenty more bloody noses to ID10T's who have tried to pop us, written chunks of eve-history, defeated the blood raiders (both the npc and pc presence) in the bleak lands, fought a back and forth war with Ushra'Kahn, survived a violent demagogue uprising and political schism (not to mention the banz0r-bat from CCP striking the old executor...), no less than three significant corp thefts, and finally moving to take up holders status in Providence.

I now lead a corporation and have a wonderful group of pilots I play with on a regular basis as Real Life allows. In fact, the unofficial motto of the corp is "Real Life First". We know its just a game and games are meant to be fun (or the good ones are at least).

So, somehow having inspired the loyalty of my corporation, and given the way things are going within the alliance... well its looking like we might 'take a break' and look for a new pasture to graze in for the time being.

Faction warfare perhaps?

I think a change is probably good for us.. though there is going to need to be a serious amount of diplomacy done to ensure various projects we have dont get derailed in the process. Unless I am mistaken though, I forsee things going well, if not perfectly fine in that regard. I hold no majice toward the people who have changed the way the alliance is.. its just not fulfilling where I and my copr members really need at the moment.

The decision is almost the same one that was mulled over about 6 months ago... that time we stayed but things change and sadly I dont think they changed for the better. They changed for the same. And thats just not good enough in the end.

So .. what does a small independant pvp capable corp with an internal industrial backbone do under the circumstances? FW? Wormhole exploration? I dont think anything is off the cards at this time.

Only time will tell...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Apologies + By the components!

Ok, first, apologies. Ive been swamped, and I mean totally rolled over, by the amount of work Ive had these last few months. Its killing me, really. Its kept me from many things - including blogging.

As for the components... Im building a new pc. My current one I play Eve on is nearly 10 years old and its being held together by force of will, spit and bailing wire... but mostly force of will. I dont know how much longer it can handle it. So before the inevitable.. Im buying an upgrade.

The upgrade was to be the uberest uber pc EVER. Sadly due to a combination of parts not available and the exchange rate going down the toilet, Im not going to be able to follow that blueprint. Ive had to downgrade what I wanted to do. Still, between some nifty parts and a knack for computing I suspect I wont be too far off what I was originally going to have.

Lets see.. its taken me a while but I now have an idea what Im going to be getting:

Core i7 920
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Thermalright TRUE 120, using push/pull dual Noctua H-12P
inno3d gtx295, o/c version
pioneer dvr-216bk
benq GD2400WD
logitech g15
razor lachesis
scythe kama bay 5 1/4"
Lian Li pc-v2110
an extra noctua H-12P fan
120mm rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the 120mm fans
140mm rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the 140mm fan in the case
psu cover rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the psu
creative x-fi titanium fatality pro
crative 5.1 speakers (cant recall the model id right now, soz).
2x 1tb 7200 rpm drives (raid0) - sata2 (storage)
2x 512mb 7200 drives (raid0) (ported over from the old pc) - sata2 (for programs and dual boot os installs)
zalman 850 watt silent psu
zalman or lian li fan controller *
multi-card reader *
Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-202BK *

i think thats it.. and sorry its not really an ordered list... but we'll get there in the end.

* the alternative to those last three items is to get a second scythe kama bay 5 1/4" to take the other 3 bay slots. Would increase the positive pressure in the case and improve airflow - especially if I fold and get a second gtx295 in there. Whoo now thats some wicked eve-online fps rates!

I should also note that I cant go a liquid cooling solution here. I could go a halfassed one, but Im more incluned toward a really good high quality setup through koolance for example.. but thats going to be quite expensive (even if it means temperature and noise drops even further... very handy in the hot weather we get here).

So. I know Ive got a follower ( \o/ whoever you are!) but anyone who reads this post... got any suggestions?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anarchy - Coming To New Eden Near You!

Well, it's been splashed all across the blogosphere already - at least that part of it related to EvE Online, but the Band of Brothers alliance (better known as BOB) appear to be no more.

Im not going to address the facts or rumours relating to the event itself - you can find those nearly anywhere else. I thought I'd address the likely fallout of this occurrence.

Now presuming that CCP does not re-instate the alliance (through thier incestuous developer relations if nothing else 'legal'),there will be a gaping hole left in both the political sphere of 0.0 space, and the removal of one of the largest and most significant military entities existing in eve - for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours they can form a new alliance, and begin to regain soverignty in their territories - but under a new name. Someone has already claimed their old name - probably whoever was responsible for their demise. But perhaps not.

Until they regain lvl 3 soverignty in their claimed space, they are wide open to the old style of capital warfare and paying vastly increased fuel costs for all their towers. No jumpbridges, no cuyno jammers, no cyno towers, no capital construction... thats got to hurt! And whats more, all their outposts are vulnerable! There will no doube be a massive scramble for delve region space.. as well as querious and fountain.

Now, speculation is rife among the group I talk to about eve that it may transpire that the bobbits (those bob crony corps who pay them 'rent' to be left alone or who fight alongside them) may just turn on thier masters.

Ok, I have no concrete proof of this, but from what I know of these groups it isnt exactly unlikely.

Hmm.. ok so this turned out to be more a massively speculative post.. but its no doubt that there will be anarchy in the formerly bob held regions.

Not only that but larger alliances now may see the thunderstruck bob alliance as far easier pickings than the targets they are currently sizing up. Which could be good news for CVA and providence, as well as certain groups in fountain and Aridia. Goon have some strategic NAPS which may even allow them to make very efficient use of this anarchic state they claim to have brought about.

So, who is up for some raids into Delve region this week? I know I am!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Excited

I'm excited.

This coming weekend I complete the core competency elite certificate.

What does this mean? Well, among other things I can be assured I've got some hefty skill training behind any fit-up on any ship I use, i will be able to say I've got max hp on shields/armour/hull, and I can target a lot of ships at once. Its basically a way of saying 'hey, you actually know what youre doing'.

So where to now?

Well, I like the look of that market.. im thinking of taking 3 months to max out my trade skillset and start a quest for market domination. Or, I could acquire the sills for black ops and the jump portal tech... potentially very very handy. Or, I could train myself into drednoughts and carriers.

So many choices... but exciting choices!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The title overlay

Yes, that is an original CCP thorax blueprint image. I have others of their various incarnations as well. You've got to be an long service eve-player to have seen those snaps before.

It's only a game

My first blog post about EvE-Online.


I dont have a particular topic I want to write about just now. So i guess let me intro myself.

As a player, Im not what I expect would be called an average gamer. Early 30's, proud to be Australian, educated, love sci fi, read a lot, glasses, postgrad, currently single... yeah ok maybe I do fit the profile.

I am in that first generation of people who got into computers when games were played on them. First PC was an IBM XT 2.7mhz ...but the first machine, an old Wang. it was the size of a large table... because it WAS the table. It took 14" floppy disks, had barely 8kb of ram and no hard drive. Dont ask me the model number.. I dont remember anymore.

Ive had a vic-20, microbee, apple IIe... all the classics. I wrote a computer game in basic on that wang table-box that had moving graphics. Sadly there is no method of getting the code off the old 14" disk anymore. Love those propriatary formats...

Used to be a Systems Admin for a few years... now Im an academic in a totally different field doing postgrad. Ive got a really offbeat sense of humour which has gotten me into trouble many times.

I found out a couple of weeks ago I've got an IQ in the 158'ish area, but I dont actually think thats important. I love star wars, warhammer 40K, robotics, rocketry, wargaming, hardware, software, phjilosophy, mechanics, medicine, astronomy, and sci fi (to name a few). My geek credentials are fairly evident, if not exactly worn on my sleeve anymore.

Over the years Ive gone through a variety of handles, hut the one thats stuck is what im called now. "Smoke". Comes from smoke-and-mirrors. Lets just say I used to be a bit of a rogue.

And now I play Eve.

No longer an executive director in my alliance, Im just a lowly CEO in a corp I run with a few good friends. We run by the motto "RL first" and understand its only a game. Timezones are the bane of the corp, with people spread out across the globe - but thats also one of the joys. Used to be a hardcore industrialist, but now am shifting more to enbracing the world of PvP combat.

Wish id kept playing from my first character in 2004, but didnt have the money to at the time. I love pirates. They are so tasty with ketchup. I dont mind mining boring at all (not when you suck up 2K m3 a minute or more) and used to run a POS farm. Organised a 3 man op that netted 51 shipkills and 44 poddings last weekend... oh, and Ive killed a hostile vagabond with a badger mkII.

Maybe I'll meet you in space sometime? =)