Friday, July 24, 2009

Separate ways?

I suppose its time for me to blog an eve post again. Actually its long overdue, but nonetheless I now have something to post about.

It seems it may finally be time for me to leave the alliance I joined barely 2 weeks into playing Eve. Its been an eventful few years and certainly a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

I could have done without the lows to be honest.

The situation in the alliance has fallen apart once again and the situation the alliance finds itself in is so far removed from the alliance I helped build at the start of my internet spaceships career that it is in a sense almost unrecognisable.

Starting as a lone industry-enjoying caldari combat pilot Ive watched a predominantly pvp-centric empire-war-making-and-taking alliance grow in numbers, shrink, win wars, get a bloody nose, hand out plenty more bloody noses to ID10T's who have tried to pop us, written chunks of eve-history, defeated the blood raiders (both the npc and pc presence) in the bleak lands, fought a back and forth war with Ushra'Kahn, survived a violent demagogue uprising and political schism (not to mention the banz0r-bat from CCP striking the old executor...), no less than three significant corp thefts, and finally moving to take up holders status in Providence.

I now lead a corporation and have a wonderful group of pilots I play with on a regular basis as Real Life allows. In fact, the unofficial motto of the corp is "Real Life First". We know its just a game and games are meant to be fun (or the good ones are at least).

So, somehow having inspired the loyalty of my corporation, and given the way things are going within the alliance... well its looking like we might 'take a break' and look for a new pasture to graze in for the time being.

Faction warfare perhaps?

I think a change is probably good for us.. though there is going to need to be a serious amount of diplomacy done to ensure various projects we have dont get derailed in the process. Unless I am mistaken though, I forsee things going well, if not perfectly fine in that regard. I hold no majice toward the people who have changed the way the alliance is.. its just not fulfilling where I and my copr members really need at the moment.

The decision is almost the same one that was mulled over about 6 months ago... that time we stayed but things change and sadly I dont think they changed for the better. They changed for the same. And thats just not good enough in the end.

So .. what does a small independant pvp capable corp with an internal industrial backbone do under the circumstances? FW? Wormhole exploration? I dont think anything is off the cards at this time.

Only time will tell...