Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disturbing news

So today I logged in before I left for work. I knew there was an extended DT today, and with at least one skill finishing this evening, I thought it best to switch skills around to avoid any lost training time. This much went fine.

I had also got a private message from a pilot who I believe is one of the FC's among the Caldari Militia. (SGX joined the State Protectorate militia - more news in another blog post). He sent the following:

2009.08.18 02:51
[02:48:07] PILOT NAME > Cool. My corp made up of cowards and elitists that I know IRL, so I don't think they'd man up to snip of sensitive info segment.

Cool corpmate bro.

Now I dont know about what you, the reader, would think about this ... but I take this kind of seriously. I run a small corp and I try to take the very best care of all my pilots, providing them with free stuff for their use and not asking anything of them they arent prepared to give themselves.

How could I possibly ask this pilot to continue to fly with other pilots he considers to be cowards and elitist fools? That would certainly not be in his best interests.

This news is quite unexpected and shocking. What to do?