Monday, May 3, 2010

In and out of the rabbit (worm)hole...

So, corp has just spent a while in the wormholes. Some things Ive learn the hard way about wormholes I thought id leave here for the readers:

1) for all the hype, they are a lot more quiet than you would think.
2) if you go into a wormhole, make sure you bookmark the exit. Especially if you think there might be people in the wormhole you would rather avoid.
3) If you park pos's in a wormhole, dont everyone leave the WH. Always have someone inside who can probe out the exit/entrance. I found way too many unfueled towers sitting around in WH-space with nobody there. Easy pickings.
4) Dont bother with WH's less than C3. They dont pay well at all.
5) Probably the most significant thing on this list is this - Dont bother with WH's unless you can salvage, AND, have time to complete the anomoly or signature area, AND loot / salvage the area too. You earn no isk for just the kills like with normal rats.

So, hope that helps!


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