Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Excited

I'm excited.

This coming weekend I complete the core competency elite certificate.

What does this mean? Well, among other things I can be assured I've got some hefty skill training behind any fit-up on any ship I use, i will be able to say I've got max hp on shields/armour/hull, and I can target a lot of ships at once. Its basically a way of saying 'hey, you actually know what youre doing'.

So where to now?

Well, I like the look of that market.. im thinking of taking 3 months to max out my trade skillset and start a quest for market domination. Or, I could acquire the sills for black ops and the jump portal tech... potentially very very handy. Or, I could train myself into drednoughts and carriers.

So many choices... but exciting choices!

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