Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anarchy - Coming To New Eden Near You!

Well, it's been splashed all across the blogosphere already - at least that part of it related to EvE Online, but the Band of Brothers alliance (better known as BOB) appear to be no more.

Im not going to address the facts or rumours relating to the event itself - you can find those nearly anywhere else. I thought I'd address the likely fallout of this occurrence.

Now presuming that CCP does not re-instate the alliance (through thier incestuous developer relations if nothing else 'legal'),there will be a gaping hole left in both the political sphere of 0.0 space, and the removal of one of the largest and most significant military entities existing in eve - for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours they can form a new alliance, and begin to regain soverignty in their territories - but under a new name. Someone has already claimed their old name - probably whoever was responsible for their demise. But perhaps not.

Until they regain lvl 3 soverignty in their claimed space, they are wide open to the old style of capital warfare and paying vastly increased fuel costs for all their towers. No jumpbridges, no cuyno jammers, no cyno towers, no capital construction... thats got to hurt! And whats more, all their outposts are vulnerable! There will no doube be a massive scramble for delve region space.. as well as querious and fountain.

Now, speculation is rife among the group I talk to about eve that it may transpire that the bobbits (those bob crony corps who pay them 'rent' to be left alone or who fight alongside them) may just turn on thier masters.

Ok, I have no concrete proof of this, but from what I know of these groups it isnt exactly unlikely.

Hmm.. ok so this turned out to be more a massively speculative post.. but its no doubt that there will be anarchy in the formerly bob held regions.

Not only that but larger alliances now may see the thunderstruck bob alliance as far easier pickings than the targets they are currently sizing up. Which could be good news for CVA and providence, as well as certain groups in fountain and Aridia. Goon have some strategic NAPS which may even allow them to make very efficient use of this anarchic state they claim to have brought about.

So, who is up for some raids into Delve region this week? I know I am!

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