Friday, March 6, 2009

Apologies + By the components!

Ok, first, apologies. Ive been swamped, and I mean totally rolled over, by the amount of work Ive had these last few months. Its killing me, really. Its kept me from many things - including blogging.

As for the components... Im building a new pc. My current one I play Eve on is nearly 10 years old and its being held together by force of will, spit and bailing wire... but mostly force of will. I dont know how much longer it can handle it. So before the inevitable.. Im buying an upgrade.

The upgrade was to be the uberest uber pc EVER. Sadly due to a combination of parts not available and the exchange rate going down the toilet, Im not going to be able to follow that blueprint. Ive had to downgrade what I wanted to do. Still, between some nifty parts and a knack for computing I suspect I wont be too far off what I was originally going to have.

Lets see.. its taken me a while but I now have an idea what Im going to be getting:

Core i7 920
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Thermalright TRUE 120, using push/pull dual Noctua H-12P
inno3d gtx295, o/c version
pioneer dvr-216bk
benq GD2400WD
logitech g15
razor lachesis
scythe kama bay 5 1/4"
Lian Li pc-v2110
an extra noctua H-12P fan
120mm rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the 120mm fans
140mm rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the 140mm fan in the case
psu cover rubber anti-vibration grommitpads for the psu
creative x-fi titanium fatality pro
crative 5.1 speakers (cant recall the model id right now, soz).
2x 1tb 7200 rpm drives (raid0) - sata2 (storage)
2x 512mb 7200 drives (raid0) (ported over from the old pc) - sata2 (for programs and dual boot os installs)
zalman 850 watt silent psu
zalman or lian li fan controller *
multi-card reader *
Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-202BK *

i think thats it.. and sorry its not really an ordered list... but we'll get there in the end.

* the alternative to those last three items is to get a second scythe kama bay 5 1/4" to take the other 3 bay slots. Would increase the positive pressure in the case and improve airflow - especially if I fold and get a second gtx295 in there. Whoo now thats some wicked eve-online fps rates!

I should also note that I cant go a liquid cooling solution here. I could go a halfassed one, but Im more incluned toward a really good high quality setup through koolance for example.. but thats going to be quite expensive (even if it means temperature and noise drops even further... very handy in the hot weather we get here).

So. I know Ive got a follower ( \o/ whoever you are!) but anyone who reads this post... got any suggestions?

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